About us

Want to live in the moment and share the best flashes of your life with friends? Be mobile and trendy, and keep your data like photos, videos, and texts elusive for everyone, and thus make them more valuable. Get all the joy of chatting and having fun with Snapchat!

We think that Snapchat is the prominent app in all terms: its unique, dynamic, and entirely corresponding to the rhythm of the 21st century. Oh sorry, we didn’t introduce ourselves. We are the team of Snapchat users altogether confident that this app is the future of communication provided by technologies. So who are we, active and devoted Snapchatters?

Linda, SMM Specialist, 31 y.o.

Over 180 million people in the world use Snapchat daily, and I am one of them. I like Snapchat for its exclusive “content-disappear” feature. Every day tons of various content is generated by users piling up in the form of media damp (as a social media marketer I know what I’m talking about).  

When sending any type of message (video, image or text) in Snapchat, I can control its existence in the media sphere, and I am sure it won’t live its own life without my permission. So if I share a bad hair day photo with my friend, it will be protected by the well-developed Snapchat system.

Mary, Tech Writer, 23 y.o.

Snapchat is the social network for millennials. 28% of millennials use this app daily, and so do I. My favorite Snapchat feature is Stories. I like to share my snaps from the gym, office, my way to work and back home, and evening parties in bars or at home with friends. It’s like they are living this day together with me, and this sensation makes me feel more confident and comfortable whatever I do.

Mark, SMM Manager, 25 y.o.

Snapchat is the source of the news from my favorite media. I have formed it by myself with the help of Discover section. Here, at Snapchat, media do not look the same as on other sites or social networks. All the materials are thoroughly selected and adopted specially for Snapchat: equipped with colorful videos and highlights.

Snapchat also gives me an opportunity to follow celebrities and particular events. For example, the Oscar nomination snaps were all collected in one channel so that I could watch what was happening at the stage and the backstage as well.

Kiefer, Web-Designer, 27 y.o.

I like Snapchat for its unique design and features which the developers invented and the designers embodied at their best. Its interface doesn’t remind any other existing, so I am always excited to watch its updates and novelties.

Snapchat is also the product of the company that gained success after multiple fails. Evan Spiegel once mentioned that Snapchat founders failed on more over thirty projects before launching Snapchat. So for me, it’s also an example to follow.

If you are the same devoted user of Snapchat as every one of us is, please stay connected to our fansite and be the first to know about Snapchat updates!