A Guide To Snapchat for People Who Don’t Get Snapchat Snapchat is now one of the most trending social media in the market. If you want to know more about this social media platform, read further. If you are a beginner in Snapchat, you must learn its terminology and features. Snapchat Terminology •    Snap – it is a video or picture that is sent to one or more friends using the app. The video snap can have 10 seconds maximum length. Your snaps will be deleted when your recipients view them. However, you can also add it to your story wherein it can disappear in 24 hours. The unopened snaps are deleted within 30 days.   •    Custom stories – the custom stories enable the groups to make stories. You can have an option to make Group Story wherein your friends can contribute a Geofenced Story or Snaps. Your friends and their friends can make a story at a specific place.    •    Stories – the Snapchat’s Stories section can feature videos and photos that you can share with your friends in Snapchat. •    Filter – the Snapchat filter can be a fun way for jazzing up your Snaps. You can add special effects or overlay. The Filters can also change according to holidays, special events, and time of the day or location. •   Snapstreak – If you Snap with your friend within 24 hours for 3 following days, you’re on a Snapstreak. You can see the flame emoji next to the name of your friend with a number that indicates the number of days you kept the streak. You must remember that chats don’t count toward the Snapstreak. •    Geofilter – these are the different filters in your current location. If you want to activate the Geofilters, you must turn on your place in the Snapchat. You can make your own custom Geofilter for a minimum of $5.99 which is ideal for building brand awareness or featuring an event. •    Snapchat lens – with the Snapchat lenses, you can add animated special effects to your videos or photos. Unlike filters, you can use the glasses if you will take a snap. •    Snapcode – Snapcode is a unique QR-style code that you can scan to access features or add friends and content to Snapchat. The user is automatically assigned a Snapcode account. You can also make additional Snapcodes which can link to various websites. •    Memories – it is the camera roll f that will back up your Stories and Snaps. You can post your older Snaps to your Story from Memories. •    Discover page –you can swipe left from the camera to find the discover page. It displays the Stories from publishers and creators like those you are subscribed to and the ones who are in the Snapchat algorithm. •    Snap Map – the Snap Map will identify your place and the area of your friends. With this, you will know your location. You can pinch in the screen to access your Snap Map. If you don’t like to share your location, you can turn yourself on the ghost mode. •    Context Cards – it uses information from the partners of Snapchat including the Foursquare and TripAdvisor to give additional information on the place mentioned on the Snap. It can also enable you to reserve a table for dinner or book a ride. You can access the Context Cards through swiping on a Story or Snap. •    Bitmoji – it is the cartoon icon that will represent you. The Snapchat comes with the Bitmoji app in Snapcodes. Now that you have learned the terminologies, you must have the ultimate guide on how to use snapchat. Setting Up Your Snapchat Account If you want to enjoy the features of Snapchat, the first thing you must do is to create your account on the app. You can follow these steps: •    Download the Snapchat app for free You can go to the App Store (Apple iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and download the Snapchat app. •    Make an account Once you open the app, tap the Sign up. Then put your first and last name and click the Signup & Accept. Then, you can enter your birthdate and tap Continue. You can now make a username that will represent your brand or name. The Snapchat will give suggestions for available usernames if the one you choose is not available. Tap Continue then create your password. Next, you can enter your email address, and tap Continue and verify if you’re human. Next, you can put your phone number and tap Continue. You can wait for a text message with a verification code, enter it in the app and click Continue again. •    Add friends The app can scan your contacts for friends who are searchable on Snapchat. You can click the Go to Settings to access the Snapchat access to your contacts. You are free to add the people that you want to befriend in Snapchat. You can also change your privacy settings if you don’t like to be visible to your contacts. •    Personalize the Snapcode with your  Bitmoji You can choose the ghost icon on the top left of the screen and tap the Create Bitmoji. Then you can tap again the Create Bitmojion the next screen. Don’t worry because if you don’t have the Bitmoji app installed, you will be redirected to Google Play Store or App Store to download it. Navigating the Snapchat Compared to other social media networks, the Snapchat opens to a camera screen. You can access the content by swiping it left or right. Adding friends on Snapchat If you want to make the most of your account, you can add friends. The following are the ways to connect with your friends. Add friends using Snapcode •    First, get a picture of your friend’s Snapcode or screenshot it. •    Open your Snapchat and tap the ghost icon on the top left of your screen. •    Tap the Add Friends. •    Click the Snapcode to open the camera roll.   •    Tap the image of the Snapcode in the camera roll. Then, the app will scan the photo and add your new friend. Conclusion Snapchat can be one of the best social media that can increase your network, which can promote your name or brand.     Continue Reading How to delete messages on Snapchat Snapchat creators try to provide maximum user privacy and to achieve this, they use not only advanced data encryption algorithms but also add new features. After the last update, the Snapchat Chats and Snaps are deleted automatically. But what to do when you accidentally sent a poor photo or message to wrong people? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delete unwanted Snapchat messages. When does Snapchat delete my snaps and messages? All Snapchat servers are designed to delete all your activities by default. Snaps and messages will be deleted once they were opened. Unopened snaps and chats will be cleared after 24 hours. The Snaps you add to your Story will be deleted after 24 hours too. However, you can delete the Snap from Story anytime you want. If you don’t want your chats to be deleted, you can easily save a chat. Press and hold the needed chat until it appears on a gray background, and you can press-and-hold on it again to delete at any time. The only section that can’t be cleared in Snapchat automatically is Memories. Memories section keeps the photos and Stories you save. If you delete a Snap from your Memories, Snapchat servers will erase that Snap as soon as possible. If you mostly like to use Snappables, then be more attentive. The Snapchat servers don’t delete saved Snappables, so when a friend receives a Snappable from you and saves it or shares it with others they can sometimes stay around for a longer period of time. For example, if a recipient saves the Snappable to Memories, then it will still exist in there until that user deletes it by himself. How to delete unwanted Snaps and Chats? A large list of friends and active communication often end up with incorrect messages or photos and video snaps sent to incorrect recipients. You can delete these snaps and messages almost immediately and make sure the addressee didn’t view them yet! So, how to delete an unread message in the Snapchat? Follow this easy guide: Open the Snapchat; Open your chats; Select the needed message; Press and hold it; Select Delete option. That’s it! You just saved your Snapchat reputation. For a group chat the algorithm remains the same. The recipient won’t receive anything but the notification about the deleted Snap or Chat. If the Snap wasn’t opened up to 30 days, it will be deleted by the Snapchat server automatically. It’s better to be more attentive next time you send a Snap or Chat to a friend. In order to keep your privacy safe, just clean your history regularly.   Continue Reading How to unlock more Snapchat trophies Snapchat trophies (or awards) can be earned for completing specific actions in the Snapchat app. Developers encourage you to use the app more often and to try almost all of the proposed features by giving the trophies. So, if you want to collect them all, then read the article on! What are Snapchat trophies? Trophies are one of the unexpected things about Snapchat that many users didn’t even know about. Trophies don’t have any practical use, but it seems like Snapchat uses trophies to make users more venturous. Once you discover trophies, they’ll make you come back again and again and use the app to the fullest. So, here’s what you need to know about Snapchat trophies: Snapchat trophies are nothing but emojis; You get a trophy for performing simple everyday activities. For example, you can get a babyface emoji (trophy) when your Snapchat profile scores 100. Share a filter-applied pic with a friend and get a 1 finger trophy. Before you start to get Snapchat trophies, check the list of all currently available awards you can get:   Email emoji Telephone emoji Videotape emoji Video camera emoji Movie camera emoji Flashlight emoji Loop once emoji Rotate emoji Babyface emoji Gold Star emoji Sparkles emoji Circled Star emoji Explosion emoji Rocket emoji Ghost    emoji Video Tape emoji Sun Face emoji Snowflake emoji Flashlight emoji Ogre emoji Monkey Holding Ears emoji Magnifying Glass emoji Microscope emoji ABCD emoji Panda emoji Moon emoji Frypan emoji Lollipop emoji Rainbow emoji Artist Palette emoji Happy Devil / Sad Devil emoji Red Mask emoji Radio emoji Clapper Board emoji Television emoji Fax Machine emoji You can also check if you already have some of Snapchat trophies. To do that, you have to log in to your Snapchat profile and tap “Trophies” button under your avatar. Here you can discover the unlocked Snapchat trophies. Still want more? Let’s go and get them all! How to get more trophies on Snapchat All Snapchat trophies can be divided into several categories: Basic trophies; Video trophies; Score trophies; Filter and drawing trophies; Selfie trophies. Now we can talk about earning trophies more specifically. To get basic Snapchat trophies you have to enter some personal info to your account. The basic emoji trophies are Email trophy, Telephone trophy, and a Happy Devil Face trophy. To get the Email trophy, you have to verify your email address in the Settings menu.  The Telephone trophy will be available when you verify your mobile number. Like your friend's new snapshot? Screen it and get the Happy Devil emoji trophy! Video trophies are gained when you send more video snaps to your followers. Send one video snap to get a Videotape trophy, send 50 to get Movie Camera trophy and finally increase your video snaps amount up to 500 to achieve the Video Camera trophy. Unlock more video trophies by using camera flips. Flip once to get a Loop Once trophy and do it again for 5 or 10 times to get Loop and Rotate emoji trophies. The video trophies also unlock when you use zooming in your video snaps. One of the main trophy categories is based on your Snapchat account score. There is no particular algorithm on how the score is calculated, but it is said that you get 1 point for each Snap you send to your friends and 1 for each you open. To unlock the Babyface trophy, your account must score 10, the next reward will be available when your Snapchat scores 100. The greatest score trophy is a Ghost emoji. You can achieve it once your account scores 500 000. Don’t forget to use filters to get trophies. There are several trophies related to filters like Panda emoji, Sun Face emoji or 1-2 Fingers emojis. Open up the Snapchat camera and choose a filter and make an amazing snap! Selfie trophies are almost the easiest to unlock. Take beautiful snapshots on the front camera, apply filters and masks, add text and use color pens to make them more amusing! Extra trophies can be also unlocked when you save your snaps to the memory or get your snaps featured in the Local Story.   Are you already trying to collect them all? We know you do. Open the Snapchat camera and try all these fancy masks and filters, create beautiful snaps and share them with friends. With trophies or not - the Snapchat remains one of the most bizarre apps to have on your smartphone.   Continue Reading A Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat for Business Snapchat quickly turned from a simple entertainment into a platform for business with more than 150 million audience, which is bigger than Twitter has. It is not about selfies anymore. Snapchat is a platform that can be used for promotion, and benefits of snapchat for business mustn’t be undervalued. For now, the main users of the app are females from 13 to 34 years, but it is constantly expanding, including men and older people. While the influence of Snapchat is growing with each new day, it looks like businessmen find it hard to adapt it to their market purposes. Mainly, because of the whole concept at the platform that does not hold photo and video material longer than 24 hours. Many marketers believe it is a waste of investments. However, the impression from advertisement can last long enough to attract an audience. There is a way for all businesses to make a statement in Snapchat. It would be a huge mistake to exclude this popular platform from SMM strategy. Why your business needs Snapchat? The first obvious reason is 150 million users. According to the latest reports, 40 percent of American young adults from 18 to 34 watch more than 10 billion videos in the app every day. Over 75 percent of Snapchat active users bought something online during the last month. Combine one fact with another and you’ll have a whole new field to attract customers. This is the perfect opportunity for those who work with a young and active audience to try snapchat for business 2019. Mobile phones became the main market place in modern society. Over 50 percent of internet visits in the USA happens via mobiles. Mobile apps, including Snapchat, can’t be ignored by business strategists anymore. Marketing through this app can be affordable for any business no matter what budget they can allocate for this. The advertisement there can cost nothing. The message will spread across the community in a second. Free options for business While Snapchat is more demanding than other social media, and require constant work of profile owners if they want to keep their followers interested, it is possible to draw attention without money. You may use one of these strategies: Give your audience insights from behind the scenes. Catch friendly meeting of the crew after working hours, make a video from the office. Users love to see real people behind the brand. Give it to them. This is the perfect example of how to use snapchat for small business. Offer discounts or coupons. Your followers will appreciate a special deal that expires in 24 hours. It can be happy hours, cut-price, coupons, discounts that attract buyers to the store. The more special offers you create, the more chances that users will get used to it and will follow your store pages to check for new deals. Tell your video story. It will remain for 24 hours in a newsfeed. Create attractive content for possible customers. It does not have to be about business. It can be funny and catchy and viral. Paid methods If you are extremely serious about inserting Snapchat in your business strategy, you may want to try paid methods. There are several snapchat marketing ideas that may suit your business. Snap ads. It is a traditional way to attract new clients or send your message. The 10 seconds advertisement will appear in between stories. Users may swipe it or watch the full advertisement by visiting your page. Sponsored Snapchat lenses. There are cool new filters or lenses offered by Snapchat, you can add to images. Businesses can offer Snapchat audience new lenses with their products or logos on it. A lot of popular brands use this offer. Starbucks offers to add their beverage images to the photo, Taco Bell makes everyone’s head looks like tacos. Snapchat Geofilters. They allow the audience to tell the location filters to the photos or videos. Business owners can sponsor such geofilters to add on the photos made near their businesses. It can be costly, but highly productive option of marketing on snapchat.   Continue Reading Easy Ways to Add Friends on Snapchat While Snapchat is getting more and more popular with each new day, there is still a mystery of how we supposed to find random snapchat friends there or grow the network of admirers. Snapchat is nothing like other familiar to us social media. So, it is a real quest to find a way to extend your friends' number there. Considering that there are people with over millions of friends, we can say that this mission is not impossible. Explore Snapchat To know how to find friends here, you must explore the app at first. There is number of in-app tools to help find friends. They can link you with people you may already know or have any connections. You can meet new people who will become your friends. Features we are talking about: Address Book. Many of you may already be familiar with this feature. This is for those who turned off their address book sync or just entered the app. Anyway, you can reach your contacts through Snapchat as well. All you need to click on your profile and visit section Add Friends. Go straight to Contacts and give the app permission to add contacts from your phone, who have accounts in the app. Username. Ok, this is obvious. All you need to do is tap on the magnifying glass, type there new username you like and click to add the person to your friends. Quick add. This feature helps you to add friends of your friends and other people you don’t know but want to be friends with. You may have similar tastes, live in the same city or use the same pizza ordering system. You can leave "See me in quick add" bonus. Your account will be displayed to other users who have quick add feature making possible to find friend in snapchat. Snapcodes. This is a reliable way to find your friends. All you need is QR code that users will add instead of your nickname. If you want to add someone, just scan their Snapcodes with a camera. Recommended friends. This is how other people can meet you. Based on friends you are currently interacting with, the feature recommends friends of your friends. For example, there is a popular person that all your friends know, but you don’t. Now you can see this person in your recommendations and add to your contacts as well. The more active you are, the better chances that other people may see you in their recommendations too. Username. You may share your name in URL. It will allow you to add your Snapchat page on other social media or in texts. Friends could add you by opening links. Snapcode Share. You may share your Snapcode with friends just like you did with your Username. It is a quick and easy way to find your friends and connect with them. It does not require a lot of efforts. Make Sense If your main goal is to become popular in Snapchat, you will have to use everything to convince other people to follow you. But at first, you need to create a strategy that will attract people. Be creative, be unique. Users want something extraordinary, some talent, cool photos, etc. Make fun and important posts. You can follow celebrities, attend weddings, and shine at the parties. Posts with locations and time frame engage more friends. Tools that may actually help you: Filters. They are here to add creativity to your photos. You can create some for special occasions like birthdays or weddings. Lenses. Want to create something funny? Make cool filters and add to the stories. Community Filters. It is free. It is really positive and engages more people. University, school, local café? It will attract audience and help to find snapchat friends in your area. Snapchat does not support hashtags, retweets that allow you to tag your friends. You’ll need to make an effort. But if your goal is to become popular in Snapchat, read the article.   Continue Reading How to Make Snapchat Stories Like a Boss The main goal for many Snapchat users is to make an interesting and original story. The question is how the story can attract the audience? It does not matter what is your purpose, there is always the way to improve the quality of your stories, make them engaging and awesome. Let’s start with a quick reminder of how to make a story and share it on Snapchat Step 1. You need to take the Snap Step 2. Add this Snap to your own Story by tapping on the icon at the bottom with a plus sign in a box on it. If you are doing this the first time, tap Add on the Story to confirm that you really want to do this Step 3. Snap is added to the Story Tips on taking Snapchat Story to the new highs Always be polite. Remember to greet your followers every morning! It is hard work to get up early in the morning but it pays off. Your story automatically jumps to the top of your friends’ feed. When people open Snapchat, the first thing they can watch is your Story. It allows you to promote your yesterday’s story as well. And the trick is – you don’t actually have to be in camera, just pick some funny picture or emoji with a cute cat. Make the plan first. Improvisation is cool, but planning of what to post on snapchat story is better. Before you will create a Story think about what your audience may actually like. If you don’t want to lose your followers there, amaze them with extraordinary things or things they actually want to see. Think about them and not you. If you are not a celebrity, do not have a personal plane ready to fly to Paris to make a Story, don’t worry. Every day you are passing by parks, outstanding buildings, and so on. Show your unique point of view. If your Snapchat is for business, you’ll need to create a strategy of daily posts there. Match upcoming releases, holidays, sales. Put everything in your calendar and brainstorm your possibilities for stories. Write all snapchat stories ideas down and follow them. Pick the perfect time for your audience. You’ll have to spend the time to interact with your audience if you don’t want to lose them. You need to have time to create and post a Story and to engage with others. Every Story must look like a story. You can’t sell the chaos. And even it is what you want to sell, you still need to create the beginning, middle and the end. It has to look believable, interesting and with a message inside. Give it a meaningful name at least. Make sure, your story has a clear ending. People must know that it is over. How to use snapchat filters and funny lenses? The perfect combination is one lens and one filter per one story. Don’t annoy others with too many filters. It never works. Reveal your creativity to the world. Snapchat loves artists. If you are good at it, use your gift to attract more people. Don’t forget that you are not limited by colors and fantasy. Draw something in Snaps. It does not have to perfect. Make a funny story about it. Emojis are always a great idea. Pin emoji to moving things in your Story. It is fun. And you don’t have to be really smart about it. Music. When Snapchat is open you can also enjoy music on your phone. So, before you begin to record video, turn on the most suitable song for the Story. You receive a soundtrack as in the movie. Add some drama in the most appropriate moment. Take part in games or snapchat story challenges to amaze the audience. It will add tension to the video, give a purpose. This will allow you to use your products if you use Stories for business. Snapchat filters for Stories There is nothing better than good old classic. Cat filter is still popular. It does not matter if you are a cat or dog person, furry ears and animated big eyes add cuteness to your Story. Pink Flower Crown is a must. Allow your followers to see everything through pink glasses. It can add deeper meaning to your Story, or it can be meaningless and fun. Flower crown is popular since Coachella times. It makes everything feel like summer. You can share the filter with other people in your Story. And if this is not what you are looking for, just pick Butterfly Crown filter.   Continue Reading