A Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat for Business

A Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat for Business

Snapchat quickly turned from a simple entertainment into a platform for business with more than 150 million audience, which is bigger than Twitter has. It is not about selfies anymore. Snapchat is a platform that can be used for promotion, and benefits of snapchat for business mustn’t be undervalued.

For now, the main users of the app are females from 13 to 34 years, but it is constantly expanding, including men and older people. While the influence of Snapchat is growing with each new day, it looks like businessmen find it hard to adapt it to their market purposes. Mainly, because of the whole concept at the platform that does not hold photo and video material longer than 24 hours. Many marketers believe it is a waste of investments.

However, the impression from advertisement can last long enough to attract an audience. There is a way for all businesses to make a statement in Snapchat. It would be a huge mistake to exclude this popular platform from SMM strategy.

Why your business needs Snapchat?

The first obvious reason is 150 million users. According to the latest reports, 40 percent of American young adults from 18 to 34 watch more than 10 billion videos in the app every day. Over 75 percent of Snapchat active users bought something online during the last month. Combine one fact with another and you’ll have a whole new field to attract customers. This is the perfect opportunity for those who work with a young and active audience to try snapchat for business 2019.

Mobile phones became the main market place in modern society. Over 50 percent of internet visits in the USA happens via mobiles. Mobile apps, including Snapchat, can’t be ignored by business strategists anymore.

Marketing through this app can be affordable for any business no matter what budget they can allocate for this. The advertisement there can cost nothing. The message will spread across the community in a second.

Free options for business

While Snapchat is more demanding than other social media, and require constant work of profile owners if they want to keep their followers interested, it is possible to draw attention without money. You may use one of these strategies:

Give your audience insights from behind the scenes. Catch friendly meeting of the crew after working hours, make a video from the office. Users love to see real people behind the brand. Give it to them. This is the perfect example of how to use snapchat for small business.

Offer discounts or coupons. Your followers will appreciate a special deal that expires in 24 hours. It can be happy hours, cut-price, coupons, discounts that attract buyers to the store. The more special offers you create, the more chances that users will get used to it and will follow your store pages to check for new deals.

Tell your video story. It will remain for 24 hours in a newsfeed. Create attractive content for possible customers. It does not have to be about business. It can be funny and catchy and viral.

Paid methods

If you are extremely serious about inserting Snapchat in your business strategy, you may want to try paid methods. There are several snapchat marketing ideas that may suit your business.

Snap ads. It is a traditional way to attract new clients or send your message. The 10 seconds advertisement will appear in between stories. Users may swipe it or watch the full advertisement by visiting your page.

Sponsored Snapchat lenses. There are cool new filters or lenses offered by Snapchat, you can add to images. Businesses can offer Snapchat audience new lenses with their products or logos on it. A lot of popular brands use this offer. Starbucks offers to add their beverage images to the photo, Taco Bell makes everyone’s head looks like tacos.

Snapchat Geofilters. They allow the audience to tell the location filters to the photos or videos. Business owners can sponsor such geofilters to add on the photos made near their businesses. It can be costly, but highly productive option of marketing on snapchat.