Easy Ways to Add Friends on Snapchat

Easy Ways to Add Friends on Snapchat

While Snapchat is getting more and more popular with each new day, there is still a mystery of how we supposed to find random snapchat friends there or grow the network of admirers. Snapchat is nothing like other familiar to us social media. So, it is a real quest to find a way to extend your friends' number there. Considering that there are people with over millions of friends, we can say that this mission is not impossible.

Explore Snapchat

To know how to find friends here, you must explore the app at first. There is number of in-app tools to help find friends. They can link you with people you may already know or have any connections. You can meet new people who will become your friends.

Features we are talking about:

Address Book. Many of you may already be familiar with this feature. This is for those who turned off their address book sync or just entered the app. Anyway, you can reach your contacts through Snapchat as well. All you need to click on your profile and visit section Add Friends. Go straight to Contacts and give the app permission to add contacts from your phone, who have accounts in the app.

Username. Ok, this is obvious. All you need to do is tap on the magnifying glass, type there new username you like and click to add the person to your friends.

Quick add. This feature helps you to add friends of your friends and other people you don’t know but want to be friends with. You may have similar tastes, live in the same city or use the same pizza ordering system. You can leave "See me in quick add" bonus. Your account will be displayed to other users who have quick add feature making possible to find friend in snapchat.

Snapcodes. This is a reliable way to find your friends. All you need is QR code that users will add instead of your nickname. If you want to add someone, just scan their Snapcodes with a camera.

Recommended friends. This is how other people can meet you. Based on friends you are currently interacting with, the feature recommends friends of your friends. For example, there is a popular person that all your friends know, but you don’t. Now you can see this person in your recommendations and add to your contacts as well. The more active you are, the better chances that other people may see you in their recommendations too.

Username. You may share your name in URL. It will allow you to add your Snapchat page on other social media or in texts. Friends could add you by opening links.

Snapcode Share. You may share your Snapcode with friends just like you did with your Username. It is a quick and easy way to find your friends and connect with them. It does not require a lot of efforts.

Make Sense

If your main goal is to become popular in Snapchat, you will have to use everything to convince other people to follow you. But at first, you need to create a strategy that will attract people. Be creative, be unique. Users want something extraordinary, some talent, cool photos, etc.

Make fun and important posts. You can follow celebrities, attend weddings, and shine at the parties. Posts with locations and time frame engage more friends.

Tools that may actually help you:

  • Filters. They are here to add creativity to your photos. You can create some for special occasions like birthdays or weddings.

  • Lenses. Want to create something funny? Make cool filters and add to the stories.

  • Community Filters. It is free. It is really positive and engages more people. University, school, local café? It will attract audience and help to find snapchat friends in your area.

Snapchat does not support hashtags, retweets that allow you to tag your friends. You’ll need to make an effort. But if your goal is to become popular in Snapchat, read the article.