How to Make Snapchat Stories Like a Boss

How to Make Snapchat Stories Like a Boss

The main goal for many Snapchat users is to make an interesting and original story. The question is how the story can attract the audience? It does not matter what is your purpose, there is always the way to improve the quality of your stories, make them engaging and awesome.

Let’s start with a quick reminder of how to make a story and share it on Snapchat

  • Step 1. You need to take the Snap

  • Step 2. Add this Snap to your own Story by tapping on the icon at the bottom with a plus sign in a box on it. If you are doing this the first time, tap Add on the Story to confirm that you really want to do this

  • Step 3. Snap is added to the Story

Tips on taking Snapchat Story to the new highs

Always be polite. Remember to greet your followers every morning! It is hard work to get up early in the morning but it pays off. Your story automatically jumps to the top of your friends’ feed. When people open Snapchat, the first thing they can watch is your Story. It allows you to promote your yesterday’s story as well. And the trick is – you don’t actually have to be in camera, just pick some funny picture or emoji with a cute cat.

Make the plan first. Improvisation is cool, but planning of what to post on snapchat story is better. Before you will create a Story think about what your audience may actually like. If you don’t want to lose your followers there, amaze them with extraordinary things or things they actually want to see. Think about them and not you. If you are not a celebrity, do not have a personal plane ready to fly to Paris to make a Story, don’t worry. Every day you are passing by parks, outstanding buildings, and so on. Show your unique point of view.

If your Snapchat is for business, you’ll need to create a strategy of daily posts there. Match upcoming releases, holidays, sales. Put everything in your calendar and brainstorm your possibilities for stories. Write all snapchat stories ideas down and follow them.

Pick the perfect time for your audience. You’ll have to spend the time to interact with your audience if you don’t want to lose them. You need to have time to create and post a Story and to engage with others.

Every Story must look like a story. You can’t sell the chaos. And even it is what you want to sell, you still need to create the beginning, middle and the end. It has to look believable, interesting and with a message inside. Give it a meaningful name at least. Make sure, your story has a clear ending. People must know that it is over.

How to use snapchat filters and funny lenses? The perfect combination is one lens and one filter per one story. Don’t annoy others with too many filters. It never works.

Reveal your creativity to the world. Snapchat loves artists. If you are good at it, use your gift to attract more people. Don’t forget that you are not limited by colors and fantasy. Draw something in Snaps. It does not have to perfect. Make a funny story about it. Emojis are always a great idea. Pin emoji to moving things in your Story. It is fun. And you don’t have to be really smart about it.

Music. When Snapchat is open you can also enjoy music on your phone. So, before you begin to record video, turn on the most suitable song for the Story. You receive a soundtrack as in the movie. Add some drama in the most appropriate moment.

Take part in games or snapchat story challenges to amaze the audience. It will add tension to the video, give a purpose. This will allow you to use your products if you use Stories for business.

Snapchat filters for Stories

There is nothing better than good old classic. Cat filter is still popular. It does not matter if you are a cat or dog person, furry ears and animated big eyes add cuteness to your Story.

Pink Flower Crown is a must. Allow your followers to see everything through pink glasses. It can add deeper meaning to your Story, or it can be meaningless and fun.

Flower crown is popular since Coachella times. It makes everything feel like summer. You can share the filter with other people in your Story. And if this is not what you are looking for, just pick Butterfly Crown filter.