How to unlock more Snapchat trophies

How to unlock more Snapchat trophies

Snapchat trophies (or awards) can be earned for completing specific actions in the Snapchat app. Developers encourage you to use the app more often and to try almost all of the proposed features by giving the trophies. So, if you want to collect them all, then read the article on!

What are Snapchat trophies?

Trophies are one of the unexpected things about Snapchat that many users didn’t even know about. Trophies don’t have any practical use, but it seems like Snapchat uses trophies to make users more venturous. Once you discover trophies, they’ll make you come back again and again and use the app to the fullest.

So, here’s what you need to know about Snapchat trophies:

  • Snapchat trophies are nothing but emojis;

  • You get a trophy for performing simple everyday activities.

For example, you can get a babyface emoji (trophy) when your Snapchat profile scores 100. Share a filter-applied pic with a friend and get a 1 finger trophy.

Before you start to get Snapchat trophies, check the list of all currently available awards you can get:


  • Email emoji

  • Telephone emoji

  • Videotape emoji

  • Video camera emoji

  • Movie camera emoji

  • Flashlight emoji

  • Loop once emoji

  • Rotate emoji

  • Babyface emoji

  • Gold Star emoji

  • Sparkles emoji

  • Circled Star emoji

  • Explosion emoji

  • Rocket emoji

  • Ghost    emoji

  • Video Tape emoji

  • Sun Face emoji

  • Snowflake emoji

  • Flashlight emoji

  • Ogre emoji

  • Monkey Holding Ears emoji

  • Magnifying Glass emoji

  • Microscope emoji

  • ABCD emoji

  • Panda emoji

  • Moon emoji

  • Frypan emoji

  • Lollipop emoji

  • Rainbow emoji

  • Artist Palette emoji

  • Happy Devil / Sad Devil emoji

  • Red Mask emoji

  • Radio emoji

  • Clapper Board emoji

  • Television emoji

  • Fax Machine emoji

You can also check if you already have some of Snapchat trophies. To do that, you have to log in to your Snapchat profile and tap “Trophies” button under your avatar. Here you can discover the unlocked Snapchat trophies.

Still want more? Let’s go and get them all!

How to get more trophies on Snapchat

All Snapchat trophies can be divided into several categories:

  • Basic trophies;

  • Video trophies;

  • Score trophies;

  • Filter and drawing trophies;

  • Selfie trophies.

Now we can talk about earning trophies more specifically.

To get basic Snapchat trophies you have to enter some personal info to your account. The basic emoji trophies are Email trophy, Telephone trophy, and a Happy Devil Face trophy. To get the Email trophy, you have to verify your email address in the Settings menu.  The Telephone trophy will be available when you verify your mobile number. Like your friend's new snapshot? Screen it and get the Happy Devil emoji trophy!

Video trophies are gained when you send more video snaps to your followers. Send one video snap to get a Videotape trophy, send 50 to get Movie Camera trophy and finally increase your video snaps amount up to 500 to achieve the Video Camera trophy. Unlock more video trophies by using camera flips. Flip once to get a Loop Once trophy and do it again for 5 or 10 times to get Loop and Rotate emoji trophies. The video trophies also unlock when you use zooming in your video snaps.

One of the main trophy categories is based on your Snapchat account score. There is no particular algorithm on how the score is calculated, but it is said that you get 1 point for each Snap you send to your friends and 1 for each you open. To unlock the Babyface trophy, your account must score 10, the next reward will be available when your Snapchat scores 100. The greatest score trophy is a Ghost emoji. You can achieve it once your account scores 500 000.

Don’t forget to use filters to get trophies. There are several trophies related to filters like Panda emoji, Sun Face emoji or 1-2 Fingers emojis. Open up the Snapchat camera and choose a filter and make an amazing snap!

Selfie trophies are almost the easiest to unlock. Take beautiful snapshots on the front camera, apply filters and masks, add text and use color pens to make them more amusing!

Extra trophies can be also unlocked when you save your snaps to the memory or get your snaps featured in the Local Story.


Are you already trying to collect them all? We know you do. Open the Snapchat camera and try all these fancy masks and filters, create beautiful snaps and share them with friends. With trophies or not - the Snapchat remains one of the most bizarre apps to have on your smartphone.